A New Hairstyle Designs For You

Most of the hairstyles that we saw during Fashion weeks for fall 2016 were old hairstyles from the 90’s, done again with modern twists. Some of the most loved hairstyles are the topsy ponytails, the teased hair, and the girlish pigtails.

“Everything old is new”, says Kerastase hairstylist Matt Fugate. “Everything gets done again in time, but with a new modern-day twist. This is mainly due to social media and the access that people have to get themselves out there. You can play with so many looks from so many eras. My best advice is to have fun with it. Add your own spin on the trends!”

Here are some of your favorite old new hairstyle designs for women, worn today with a special 2016 twist. Enjoy!

The Girlish Pigtails Hairstyle

Pigtails were probably worn by every girl when she was little, especially at school. With Michael Kors, every woman today can wear them with their new twist. Matt Fugate says that the old-school pigtail turns into vertically parallel pigtails. “Instead of having your pigtails stick out to the side like when you were little, you do a lower placement, almost bringing the pigtails completely to the back of the head.”

How do you get these new pigtails? Part the hair in the middle so that you have equal parts. Secure the tails at the nape of the neck, and make sure the parts look parallel. The closer they get together, the cooler.

The Ballerina Bun Hairstyle

It’s almost like that ballerina bun you used to wear to ballet dance lessons, or that bun you wore casually at the back of your head, but now it has a more edgy look. What’s different with the updated style is that it is no longer tightly wrapped. It is effortless and higher towards the head.

How to style that new bun? Start by pulling your hair up high towards the front. Secure the hair with an elastic, and then start twisting it until it coils into a bun. Then secure the bun with pins and make it the shape you want. It should be imperfect for it to look really perfect.

The Crown Heights

It is about mixing two hair trends together: the teased hair and the headscarves. You will have that super chic girl style. You need to tease the hair high up front the front, and then give it a modernized look with turban-like headscarf.